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Find True Self Love

Heal your Inner Child

Heal your Relationships

  Most of us want to be wonderful people, be kind, peaceful and friendly, just to find that more often than not, our stressful thoughts are creating the exact opposite.


You don’t need to travel to India to search for a Spiritual teacher or Guru. Become your own Guru, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.


By using a variety of simple and practical methods on the art of mindful living; methods that are easy, practical and can be applied in your day-to-day every day life.

You want to work with me on one or all of your topics? We can arrange for a single private session, via skype, by phone or of course personally. 

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Coaching Overview

What can you expect in an individual session with me or in one of my workshops?

Self-Love, Heal Inner Child: In this specially designed one-on-one session, you will (maybe for the first time in your life?) experience true self love for you and your Inner Child. You will experience yourself in your being without the noise and interpretations of your mind. If you are now hoping for more explanations and descriptions so that your mind can analyze it, then I have to disappoint you. This process cannot be explained, it must be experienced. 

Compassionate (non-violent) communication (NVC): With the NVC you learn to improve your communication, to communicate your needs in an honest, friendly and peaceful way clearly, directly and explicitly.

The Work by Byron Katie: You will learn a simple, powerful and practical way to identify, question and dissolve all your stressful thoughts.

I see myself as a companion on the way, comparable to a mountain guide who accompanies you when you are still somewhat inexperienced and you want to climb a mountain. It is good to have an experienced counterpart on the spiritual path. I don't do it "for you", I do it "with you", so that you can do it powerfully on your own. I don't hold your hands, or „save" you. I am not a savior or healer, you are your own guru! I'm "just" a companion. I'll walk with you a bit of the way until you stand on your own two feet. 

Then you'll go your own way powerfully

In your session you will practice on how to use these methods and tools in everyday life on your own and independently.

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The private session:

190, - € 

This is perfectly alright and sufficient to get your process of liberation started…


You feel the need to resolve your issues in a more sustainable and long-term way! All right...


You will receive 4 weeks of personal support.

You will receive 1 individual session per week, i. e. 4 individual sessions for an entire month. 

We are in regular contact for a month. (You get tasks, exercises, inspiration, a structure)

After our meetings, we summarize the most important realizations once more. You will receive scripts for NVC, The Work, Self Love Mediations and everything else that was available to you during the sessions. You don't have to memorize or write anything down during the sessions. This helps you to be fully present and focus on your process.

1 entire month of consultation, coaching, practice and support: 990, - € energy exchange.



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